Sunday 7 February 2016

Maths and edX

Without a good level of maths, physics is impossible to study. So not only will I be studying all the things I've set out in my previous post, but I also will be brushing up on my maths.

To do this I will firstly stick to a level what in the UK would be described as A-Level. I've acquired a complete set of the text books I used to study maths at A-level, Rostock, Chandler & Rourke's Pure Mathematics 1 & 2, Applied Mathematics 1 & 2 and Further Maths.

I've also found a good astrophysics course to study on edX, an XSeries of 4 courses provided by the Australian National University. covering The Violent UniverseCosmology, Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe and Exploring Exoplanets. I've completed the Cosmology course, and I'll post a review of it in a future post and once I've completed the other three courses I will post about them too.

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